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Esta reflexión surgió durante una clase a la que asistí un día de Abril de 2021. Estábamos debatiendo acerca de […]


Alejo Dillor (b. 1995, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a visual artist, graduate and professor in Management and Art History from the Universidad del Salvador and an independent editor. He attended Fabro Tranchida's workshop during 2017 and 2018 and that of Lulú Jankilevich in 2019. He participated in group exhibitions such as "Las Armas Tiernas" at Wunsch Gallery with the curatorship of Fabro Tranchida and Sangre in the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires with the curatorship of Lulú Jankilevich. In July 2019 he started his publishing project called Punto Rosa. generate a dialogue between artists who work with the theme of love and spirituality. In November 2019, he was awarded the Young Stimulus Award in the VII edition of the ArtexArte award of the Alfonso y Luz Castillo Foundation. He is currently represented by The Little Black Gallery of London for the Boys! Boys! Boys !.