Alejo Dillor (b. 1995, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a visual artist, Arts history and Management student in Universidad del Salvador and an independent editor. He went to Fabro Tranchida’s studio during 2017 and 2018 and now assists to Lulú Jankilevich’s studio. He participated in group shows such as The Tender Weapons in Wunsch Gallery with the curatorship of Fabro Tranchida and MES #3 in Centro Cultural Recoleta. On July 2019, he started his editorial project called punto rosa. to generate a dialog between artists who work with love, erotism and spirituality. On November 2019 he was awarded with the young stimulus prize in the VII edition of the ArtexArte prize on Alfonso and Luz Castillo foundation.


My work is composed by moments of intimacy. Like a personal diary, it shows nostalgic records of young men whose youth will remain eternal. The beauty of their bodies and smiles refer to the concept of ‘new masculinities’ as a sign of delicacy in contrast to the rudeness and brusqueness that hegemony presupposes. Through experimentation with different formats and techniques such as snapshots, digital or analog photography, gif or fanzines I investigate in those masculinities and I show my look and personal experience on them.

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